Try out some of the forms that can be created using SmartForms.

Pre-Application Check

Check your Credit Card eligibility. Know if you'll be accepted before you apply.

An example of a simple one-page form. This form shows:

  • individual error messages for mandatory fields
  • help for fields that require an explanation
  • "Print your answers" link for auto-PDF generation.

Patient Registration

Form to fill in when a new patient walks into a hospital or to a health care organization.

An example of a multi-page form that demonstrates forward-only flow:

  • users have to fill in all mandatory fields on a page before moving to the next page
  • form styling has been applied to provide different look and feel

Event on Public Land

An application to be lodged by the organisers of events held on public land within the municipality.

An example of a complex multi-page form. It demonstrates:

  • progress panel - each page is represented as a bar with completion status color
  • direct page navigation - users can jump to any page through page links or progress panel
  • file uploads (can be found on "Structures" page)
  • repeated sections (can be found on "Locations" page)

ROI Calculator

Estimate your payback period when moving paper-based forms to online environment.

An example of a form with complex calculations. Based on user inputs it calculates and draws a chart. The form uses:

  • field value calculations using form's javascripts
  • web services for loading custom HTML content
  • third-party javascript client-side libraries, such as chart JS

You will find these and many more forms in SmartForms template library, you can make them your own at the touch of a button in SmartForms Admin Console.