SmartForms Features

Create, execute and maintain online forms for all your business needs.

Advanced Forms Engine
Advanced Form Engine
Everything you expect from smart forms: flexible business logic, dynamic state management, extensive data validation and more.

A Form Engine You Can Trust

No matter how large the forms or complex the business logic, SmartForms' intelligent engine will always be fast.

Users will not lose their data due to system failure or disconnection from the internet, they will continue from where they left off.

Embedding business logic into your formsBusiness Logic Embedded

Prefill form fields using various methods: user and website environment data, JavaScript calculations or load data through integration.

Recalculate field values based on user inputs or data fetched from external systems.

Enforce business rules via dynamic state management: show, hide, make form components required or readonly.

Ensure correct data entry using multi-level validation rules.

In-built paymentsLocal and International Payments

Configure your forms to take credit card payments on the spot, for any amount, fixed or dynamically calculated, in any currency, fixed or selected by the user.

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