SmartForms Features

Create, execute and maintain online forms for all your business needs.

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Business Continuity Guaranteed

A complete suite for forms development, testing and change management. Without disruption to the flow of your business.

Change manegement and version control for your formsChange Management and Version Control

Track and deliver changes to your forms in a safe and predictable manner with SmartForms' version control and release history.

Users stay with the version of the form they started with, so you can publish as many changes as you need, without fear of disruption.

Forms testing environmentIn-Built Testing Environment

Avoid effort and expense in organising separate staging environment, SmartForms let you create and test forms on the same website where they will be used.

Testing in the same environment guarantees there will be no surprises when a form goes live. Once testing is complete a single click is all that is required to release a form.

Forms ERMSElectronic Records Management

Rely on SmartForms to keep received data intact; submitted form data cannot be amended.

SmartForms will safely keep incomplete submissions around, allowing users to return to their forms and continue from where they left off. This can be helpful if your forms are large or complex. SmartForms also provides controls to manage how long pending form submissions are kept around.

SmartForms will keep form submissions for a fixed period of time. That retention policy can be fully controlled on a per-form basis.

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