SmartForms Features

Create, execute and maintain online forms for all your business needs.

Forms deeply integrated
Deeply Integrated
Bring user and website environment data into forms.
Organise two-way data exchange with your business systems via web services, workflows, web hooks, at any stage of the form lifecycle.

Auto-populate form from website environmentUser and Page Data from your Website

Utilise data from your website's environment such as user's ID, name, roles, email, as well as the page URL, HTTP query and session parameters, etc.

Populate form using APIPull Field Values from External APIs

Populate form fields using external APIs, to prefill or recalculate field values, e.g. via custom webservices.

Execute form workflows on any eventAdditional Processing Using Workflows

Run additional tasks when a form is started, cancelled or submitted. A variety of workflows is available, including email notifications and webhooks.

Read form data using RESTAccessing Form Data using the REST API

Reach submitted form data from your systems using SmartForms' REST API.

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