SmartForms Features

Create, execute and maintain online forms for all your business needs.

Manage submitted forms data
Remix Your Data
Access submitted forms data in a variety of ways.
Use built-in reporting facilities.
Enable users and staff to view their own submissions and/or forms submitted by others.

Create submitted form viewsUse Built-In Facilities To Access Data

Configure SmartForms data views to present submitted forms to relevant users. Sort and search by key submission parameters, including tracking code, date and time.

Transform form data into various media formats, XML, CSV, PDF, HTML, text, email, etc

Send customised emails to the right people at any event related to a form.

Data portability with exports of all or selected fields for a submission period.

Advance your form management systemsExtend Your Own Business' Systems

Process form submissions as soon as they happen with SmartForms webhooks.

Extend your internal workflows to control submitted form data, e.g. change a submission's status to Approved or delete the record.

Build your own search and reporting interfaces or automate data export using SmartForms' REST API.

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